Improving efficiency of terminal surveillance



For security reasons, airports need to check various locations for presence of (unauthorized) persons and/or objects. This is done by surveillance on a regular interval, or in case of critical parts in security restricted areas, with continuous supervision. Depending on the size and layout of the airport terminal, these locations can be situated highly remote with long walking distances. For airports, this results in high costs for personnel performing these security tasks. 

GRASP Innovations was asked to provide a solution to automate the check for presence and/or objects at locations inside security restricted areas such as elevators, odd-size baggage drop-off and gate areas. 


By deploying Xandar-Kardians’ closed area sensing solution, security restricted locations can be monitored effectively for human presence. This is done by algorithms that analyze micro-movement patterns, like breathing and heartbeat. 

With Xandar-Kardians’ Object Scanning & Recognition (OSR) solution using Impulse Radio – Ultra Wideband (IR-UWB radar), we are able to scan and look for micro-objects, as small as 0.7 millimeter in thickness.  

Actionable Insights

At locations where IR-UWB radars are installed, an alert is sent in case of detection of human presence and/or objects. In larger areas, even a smaller, more precise zone in which the alarm was triggered is provided.

Operational Excellence 

Instead of continuous supervision, airports can employ security personnel to react to alerts generated by the IR-UWB radars. This results in an increase of work efficiency and effectiveness and a reduction in security costs.


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