Nursing homes surveillance vs. care taking



Elderly care within nursing homes is a hefty task, the nursing staff experience incredible workloads with big responsibilities. Where the amount of time that can be actually spent on caring for our elderly is under pressure. Especially during the night, staff is often more occupied with surveillance –is everyone in bed and well –than with care taking tasks. 

Relieving and supporting the nursing staff in nursing homes, a great challenge for GRASP. 


Our life sign monitoring and fall detection solutions have proven to be a perfect fit. We’re capable of continuous and unobtrusive monitoring of breathing rate, resting heart rate, movement index and furthermore accurately measure fall incidents.  


Actionable Insights

This leads to a situation where, in a dashboard, nursing staff can easily check-up on the wellbeing of their patients and get alerted when something is wrong. For instance a severe fall incident in a bathroom, where a patient is unable to get-up and call for help an automated alert can be given to the nursing staff. 

Operational Excellence 

Reducing the need for constant surveillance tasks and increasing the time spent on actual care, a welcome shift of workload for nursing staff. Relying on precise and constant measurements will lead to peace of mind, knowing that when an incident occurs an alert will be sent.  


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