Reduce hotel room energy waste



A clear-cut case of energy waste is one most travelers are guilty off, leaving their key-card (or any other card) in the key-card reader when they leave their hotel room. Ensuring that when they return, the air-conditioning is still on and the room is at perfect temperature. 

This however is a major waste of energy, guests typically spend around 8 hours per day in their hotel room –having the AC on for 24 is wasteful and costly. 

GRASP innovations was asked to provide a system that can continuously and accurately determine whether a hotel room is in use. 


By deploying Xandar-Kardians’ closed area sensing solution, we are capable of detecting human presence within a closed area - effectively enabling continuous monitoring of a hotel room even when a guest is vast asleep under a thick blanket. The closed area sensing solution monitors for micro vibration patterns and recognized when these patterns are similar to breathing or a beating heart. 

Actionable insight

The presence or absence of a breathing pattern gives clear insight in the occupancy status of a hotel room, it is either occupied or vacant. 

Operational Excellence 

occupancyapp-500x854-2-HITEC edit.png

This insight can be used by a hotel for a number of things, first and foremost it can be used to reduce energy waste and corresponding involved cost. 

Furthermore, knowing whether or not a hotel room is occupied enables your housekeeping to become smart. No more knocking and peeking around the door if someone is under the shower but actually knowing if a room is vacant.


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