Public area usage and arrival patterns



Hotels are dynamic environments, often with a range of public areas guests can enjoy –ranging from breakfast or buffet areas to rooftop bars including stunning sunset views. The usage of these areas can fluctuate, day to day or seasonally. Getting proper insight in the actual usage of these areas has proven to be valuable information to hoteliers. 

GRASP innovations was asked to provide a system that can continuously and accurately determine the usage of public areas. 


By deploying Xandar-Kardians’ area counting and foot traffic measurement solutions, we are capable of measuring the number of humans in a static environment and the amount of passages. 

We continuously measure the amount of movement and determine the number of humans that correspond with that specific amount of movement. 

Actionable insight

Accurately knowing what the usage pattern is of any given area within a hotel leads to valuable actionable insights. For instance:

-       Arrival pattern at check-in, but more precisely how this fluctuates during the week 

-       Peak-times of your breakfast buffet, weekdays vs weekend 

-       Usage of your rooftop bar, how long do people tend to spend here?

Breakfast peak-times weekdays vs weekend days

Operational Excellence 

This insight enables better founded decision making. Be it in staff capacity planning, or properly informing your guests when the best time is to have breakfast. It enables data substantiated and founded decisions instead of gut-feeling decisions. 


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