Balance passenger spread



Overcrowding in mass transport is a major annoyance for passengers, feeling like a tinned sardine while commuting is hardly appealing. The reason for overcrowding in trains and metros is often thought to be related to the lack of passenger spreading, passengers get on the train while unaware how the train is filled. 

GRASP innovations was asked to develop a system that can continuously and accurately determine the usage of carriages within these mass-transport environments. 


By deploying Xandar-Kardians’ area counting and foot traffic measurement solutions, we are capable of measuring the number of humans in a static environment (compartment or carriage) and the amount of passages (balconies). 

The measurements are free of environmental disturbances such as: humidity changes, sunlight, warmth/cold and are completely GDPR compliant since no personal information is collected. 

XandarKardian metro.jpg

Actionable Insights

The insight we create by measuring the number of passengers to a compartment –or part of a compartment –detail level is straight forward: how many passengers are present inside that area. 

Operational Excellence 

This straight forward insight can however be used in a wide range of applications. First of all, it can be used to enable the passengers to spread more evenly or strategically throughout a train by integrating with existing IT infrastructure (passenger apps) and showing the actual occupancy levels. 

Furthermore, it can used to improve the operational and strategical planning of rolling stock, as overcrowding/usage is measured on a continuous base..


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