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GRASP Innovations – COVID-19 Join Forces

Breukelen, The Netherlands – May 25th, 2020

These unprecedented times will undoubtedly lead to a changed world, be it a temporary or a permanent change. Considering nobody knows precisely what the effects will be on business and our main market of Aviation Security, we’ve been hesitant about jumping on the short term solution bandwagon.

Which doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting idle in our (home) office, in contrary. Many brainstorm sessions have taken place over the last weeks, debating how, where and through what channel we could add most value in the re-opening of the aviation industry.

Ultimately teaming up with our former colleagues at Point FWD and focussing on the process we know and understand best: the passenger screening process. Leading to a strong collaboration and combination of technology and in-depth process knowledge.

We’ve come up with a solution that solves part of the very complex equation of re-opening the aviation industry in a viable, safe and effective manner.

Our approach focusses on 3 main pillars:

  1. Moving from an often unclear and chaotic security process with frequent mixture of passengers towards a structured, sequential passenger flow with continuous and predictable throughput
  2. Strong focus on maintaining social distancing measures, reducing the likeliness of queuing and passenger build up within security lanes
  3. Technology driven solution that helps to solve a ‘short’ term problem with great benefits in the future

Join forces

We firmly believe that there is no golden bullet solution for the re-opening of the aviation industry and cooperation between parties (airports, legislators and suppliers) is crucial.

Combinations of innovative solutions from curb to deck; self-service check-in, queue management, automatic allocation of passengers, smart security and immigration processes. While maintaining an equal load on these processes so queueing and build up of passengers is limited.

Therefore we want to end with a call to action; let’s connect and join forces so our industry can re-open soon and safe.