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GRASP Innovations joins Trade & Travel Accelerator

Breukelen, The Netherlands – August 11th, 2020

GRASP Innovations joins a select group of tech companies participating in Trade & Travel’s inaugural acceleration program, designed to help emerging tech companies break into the trade and travel industries in order to enhance their safety, security, and customer experience delivery. Trade & Travel’s first acceleration program is focused on enhancing passenger screening and safety in these highly regulated spaces.

GRASP will participate together with Xandar Kardian, which means a strong partnership will grow even stronger.

Robert Schuur, Co-Founder of GRASP explains: “Xandar Kardian, our technology provider and trusted partner, were invited to participate in the T&T accelerator. Considering this accelerator is focussed on the domain we’re fully focussed on, namely the aviation industry, provided an unique opportunity; to participate together and leverage the strength of both teams. We’re very much looking forward to the program over the next 9 weeks and excited for the potential that lays ahead.”

Sam Yang, Managing Director and Co-founder for Xandar Kardian: “The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all segments of the global population and is particularly impacted in how people travel. Health and safety is top priority on everyone’s mind as they travel. Prior to the pandemic, Xandar Kardian has already been making waves in the passenger & terminal industry with its ground breaking radar based technologies. As we face the pandemic head on, Xandar Kardian is privileged to utilize its unique technology to ensure social distancing and occupancy monitoring is being done continuously and accurately. We are excited to work with GRASP Innovations again in this new journey as we join T/T program and rapidly expand our reach in the US and abroad with the assistance of this accelerator program.”

Trade & Travel is a partnership between Dcode and Pangiam, combining Dcode’s proven go-to-market acceleration strategy with Pangiam’s decades of expertise in security and innovation in the U.S. government and trade and travel industries. 

“As we consider what a post-pandemic travel ecosystem looks like, we should identify what emerging technologies can be applied to current challenges to build a more resilient industry,” said Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger. “That’s why we’re excited about the potential of these companies.”

“Our 2020 passenger screening and safety cohort companies represent a complimentary set of capabilities which, deployed individually or together, have the potential to support the safe and healthy resumption of global travel,” said Pangiam CEO Patrick Flanagan. “We’re excited about the broad set of technologies and experienced management teams joining us.”

Trade & Travel selected Xandar Kardian out of nearly one hundred applications through a rigorous vetting process. Xandar Kardian joins these esteemed tech companies that collectively have raised over $23 million in venture capital funding. 

The program kicks off virtually on August 11th. Trade & Travel will host virtual briefings, roundtables, and one-on-one meetings to introduce Xandar Kardian and GRASP to industry leaders and other key stakeholders. The Trade & Travel team and community of mentors will also provide hands-on support, tools, and materials to help the companies in the passenger screening and safety cohort work the trade and travel industries effectively.

About Xandar Kardian

Xandar Kardian is a pioneer of disruptive and ground-breaking technologies for property tech, security and healthcare utilizing proprietary radar sensing technology. Key solutions include 99.9% presence detection via human vital sign and radar based people counting solution covering 4 times more range than cameras without incurring any privacy or security concerns. 

About Trade & Travel

Trade & Travel is a commercial partnership between Dcode and Pangiam to de-risk and accelerate emerging tech companies that can advance the trade and travel industries. Trade & Travel’s inaugural acceleration program is focused on passenger screening and safety, connecting promising tech companies and leading travel brands, to expedite the safe and efficient resumption of travel and better protect the global trade and travel ecosystems in the future.

Dcode and Pangiam announced a commercial partnership, Trade & Travel, to accelerate emerging tech companies that can enhance the safety, security, and traveler experiences of the trade and travel industries.

About Dcode

Dcode connects the tech industry and government to drive commercial innovation in the federal market. Dcode has worked with more than 100 tech companies and hundreds of government organizations, driving more than 200 new implementations of commercial technology in government and millions in federal contracts. Visit to learn more.

About Pangiam

Pangiam is a public-private partnership company creating a network of industry partners aimed at revolutionizing the future of operations, security, and safety at airports, seaports, and land border crossings through the use of emerging technology. As a team of customs and security professionals with over 50 years of experience at senior levels of the U.S. government, Pangiam has an intimate understanding of the security, facilitation, and disaster response challenges and aspirations of governments and industry leaders around the world.