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GRASP Innovations – Copenhagen Airport IAS trial

Breukelen, The Netherlands – April 7th, 2021

GRASP Innovations and Copenhagen Airport are executing a remote assisted trial of GRASP’s Intelligent Access Surveillance solution.

The initial idea was formed over a year ago when the GRASP team visited Copenhagen Airport, and we are finally executing it together with Copenhagen Airport Security. Goal of this trial is to test, try and see the solution live in an Copenhagen Airport environment.

Copenhagen has several location where odd-size baggage is transported from airside to landside and manual surveillance of this process is required, deploying our IAS solution could automate the necessity of the manual surveillance.

Remote demonstration

We are firm believers that ‘seeing is believing’ and so we came up with a method of doing a fully remote demonstration, by building a mock-up goods lock in our office and rigging the space with some camera’s. The result is a (little bit awkward) demonstration of the solution that works completely remote.

Remote installation

Next step was preparing an installation kit that CPH could deploy with limited assistance from the GRASP team. Initial installation was successful within a few hours.

Allan Kjaer (CPH): “The remote installation kit was prepared for easy and hands on installation and required only minimum of tools. The kit works in standalone mode and gives the option for instant feedback after only few hours of calibration and initial setup for the sensors. All remotely supported by GRASP’s team. We’re looking forward to testing it to the fullest in the next weeks

Intelligent Access Surveillance Trial

The trial will initially run for a 2 month period, in this time CPH and GRASP will work together in testing potential deployment scenarios and integration with the CPH access control system.

Michael Verhage (GRASP): We’re really excited that after a long period of preparation we are executing this trial with one of the most innovative airports in Europe. Preparing everything for an easy remote installation helps us in preparing for scaling in the future.

We are looking forward to the trial results, I’m sure Allan and his colleagues will test the system to the limits.