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Growing the GRASP team

Breukelen, The Netherlands – February 16th, 2022

Introducing Andrea Cabbia and Aleksey Martynyuk, our latest additions to the GRASP Innovations team:

Aleksey is going to lead the process of bringing the Security Checkpoint Management System to the next stage, managing and growing our development team. His experience in building analytical products at other scale-ups will be most apt just as GRASP is continuing to acquire new partners and installing our solution in airports around Europe.

Andrea will play a pivotal role in this growing team as our first dedicated data engineer, the experience he gained during his PhD will be a tremendous help to us.

Andrea Cabbia – Data Engineer

“Made in Italy. Passionate about working with data and learning new skills.

I recently finished my PhD in Computational Biology and now I am ready to start a new adventure in a young and growing company. I am very excited to join the team at GRASP and I am eager to build innovative data-driven solutions to help our customers gain valuable insights from different data sources.

I am looking forward to meeting the challenges ahead and to working together in the amazing GRASP team”

Andrea Cabbia

Aleksey Martynyuk – Lead Data Engineer

“ I am very happy to join Robert and Michael in their quest to disrupt the Aviation Security industry. The product has great potential and together with co-Founders’ vision I am excited to start working on a platform which, I think, will be “the next big thing” in automation and process management not just for airports, but across the whole transportation industry!”

Aleksey comes from a background in Business Intelligence and Data Engineering. He helped build analytical platforms at various start-ups across Europe, including FreeNow (RideHive electric scooters subsidiary), Glovo, Wallapop and NewMotion (recently acquired by Shell). He also taught Data Analytics at the Ironhack Coding bootcamp and consulted as a freelance data/cloud engineer.

He has obtained a Master of Science in Urban Planning and Master of International Affairs from Columbia University (New York) and studied business and economics at the City University of New York.”