Our Team


Robert Schuur


Robert gets energized by strategizing, debating and brainstorming on complex issues, finding solutions through persistence and team-effort. 

Attention to detail is crucial, whether it is meticulously planning for his next triathlon or preparing for mock-passenger security tests during his time at Point FWD – he leaves nothing left to chance.

Most importantly he values his friends and family, never passing up on the opportunity of an evening filled with laughter and food


Michael Verhage


Michael has a strong passion for technology - he admires the development of new solutions that enable progress and success.

During his time at Point FWD, Michael has helped several airports with performance improvement of their security processes by deep diving into data, all with the strong belief that measurement brings knowledge.

In his spare time he loves to sink his teeth in a good recipe and share the result with friends, while enjoying a good glass of wine. If you have any must tastes, please let him know!

Stephen Sargent.jpeg

Stephen Sargent

Head of Sales

Nicole Sung

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