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Security Checkpoint Management

Make your security checkpoint perform at its max

We track individual presence during the entire security process. With this data we show exactly how much time people spend per spot in screening lanes. Providing supervisors with real-time insights to discover bottlenecks and immediately improve the use of infrastructure and resources.

Making the entire security checkpoint perform at its max with less workforce and without compromising on security and passenger satisfaction. Regardless the situation.

Your Benefits

more passengers per security agent
increased throughput
reduced waiting time
optimized use of resources
empowered decision making

How it works

we start by installing IR-UWB radars in the lanes..

Each radar tracks individual presence. We translate this data into easy to understand insights via dashboarding. The security manager on duty can now take targeted action instead of acting on gut feeling.

the dashboard

the dashboard

mission control overview

Take immediate action

The dashboard provides a clear overview of the performance of each lane. This gives security managers the ability to act immediately. Keeping the performance as it should be.

When our radar spot a hick-up within the security lane, our dashboard shows the exact location

Become more efficient

By connecting missing dots and airport data we make it possible to predict on a long term to optimize the security operation.

Airport data
Flight schedules
Bluetooth tracking
Security equipment data
Passenger forecasting

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