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GRASP has a dedicated technology provider: Xandar-Kardian. Xandar-Kardian is a high-tech development company that is focused on advanced radar signal processing.

Their Impulse Radio Ultra-Wide Band (IR-UWB) Radar based algorithms enable a broad range of solutions: from accurate occupancy sensing and people counting to life sign monitoring and high-level security.

Grasp Innovations and Xandar-Kardian have been partners since 2017 and continuously work together to improve the solutions provided by Xandar-Kardian.

IR-UWB Radar

The core technology powering Xandar-Kardian’s solutions is radar based on IR-UWB. The hardware transmits up to 10 million nano-pulses per second to gather valuable information on its surrounding. This even enables the detection and monitoring of micro-movements and vibrations such as breathing and heartbeats.

The quality and granularity of the measurement by Xandar-Kardian enable unprecedented levels of analysis. The main challenges with such a rich data stream are; how to interpret it and how to put it to use?


Benefits of IR-UWB Radar

Large area coverage
65° Degree azimuth and elevation enabling area coverage up to 10 m².

Highly accurate movement measurement
Up to 10 million pulses per second – standoff detection and measurement of a heartbeat

Stable performance in multiple environments
Able to operate in changing light and temperature conditions – low maintenance required

Protecting privacy
Completely anonymous data collection – EU GDPR-compliant



From occupancy sensing and people counting to life sign monitoring and high level security solutions.

Closed area sensing pictorgram.png

Closed area sensing

Designed to effectively monitor a closed area for human presence, using the proprietary algorithms to measure micro-movement patterns. The algorithms search for patterns that indicate breathing or heartbeats and thus are hard to spoof.

Near field sensing pictogram.png

Near field sensing

Used to measure human occupancy near the radar sensor in a short range. Effective for environments where human presence fluctuates fast, for instance: self-service check in kiosks.

Foot traffic counting pictogram.png

Foot traffic counting

Based on the amount of mass movement, we are able to determine the total foot traffic through a predefined static area. Furthermore, bi-directional information on how many people are moving through this area can be provided.

Area counting pictogram.png

Area counting

Accurately determine the amount of people in a predefined static area. Based on the amount of micro-vibration measured within this predefined we effectively and accurately determine the amount of people, without causing any privacy concerns.

Life sign pictogram.png

Life sign

A suite of solutions designed for healthcare, combining three valuable data points:

  1. Resting heart rate, continuous standoff measurement of resting heart rate  

  2. Breathing rate, continuous standoff measurement of breathing rate

  3. Movement index, our ability to measure minute movements enables accurate insight in the amount of movement of a person

Fall detection pictogram.png

Fall detection

Through the capability to determine where (distance from the radar) a heartbeat or breathing pattern is, Xandar-Kardian is capable of determining a fall – since the spatial position of this pattern will change.

Object scanning recognition pictogram.png

Object Scanning & Recognition

Xandar-Kardian’s OSR technology is able to scan and look for micro-objects – as small as 0.7mm in thickness. By deploying the radars in strategic “sensitive” areas, the technology can constantly monitor the area, detect any (unauthorised) changes to the environment and send alerts when required.