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We are called GRASP for a reason..

We use (new) technology-driven data to provide clear insights to optimize the use of resources and infrastructure given any situation.

Enabling security professionals to take immediate action if necessary to get control and solve problems before they arise.

We master the connection of (missing) dots

We collect new data using smart technologies to create new tools or enrich existing solutions. By connecting these dots we unlock new possibilities to fill in any missing link. Keeping your security operation flawless.

We believe it should be personal

We track human presence, not personal data. But when it comes to our connection with you we prefer one-on-one contact. This way we make sure we oversee the entire scope of your challenges to come up with a tailor-made solution.

Understanding the present is our reliability

We understand the complexities you deal with on a daily basis; we are called GRASP for a reason. That’s why our solutions not only work for you, to get a grip on any situation, but even more so for the people that run your security operations. 

To adapt is to change

We believe each airport requires a unique approach. That’s why our tools are adaptively deployable. Implementing your KPIs? No problem. Scaling up or down? Sure. Connecting more data? Yes, please.

It’s our business to develop tools that help security professionals make optimal use of available resources and infrastructure in ever-changing circumstances.

Dynamic Team

Robert Schuur


Michael Verhage


Andrea Cabbia

Data Engineer

Joseba Lizaranzu

BI specialist

Jorick Van Hees

Lead front-end developer

Mihaly Katona

Data Engineer