Capturum Software Group Partnership

Capturum Software Group Partnership

Today we are happy to announce that GRASP is partnering with the Capturum Software Group.

Progress is never a straight line, in 2019 GRASP was off to a spectacular start, when COVID hit, we successfully changed strategy, raised venture capital and started growing again. Now it’s me for the next step and are happy to announce we are partnering with CSG, a consortium of highly successful entrepreneurs and with the ambtion to grow rapidly.

Through this step GRASP will be able to execute faster and grow more aggressively, supported by a broad network of experts and with resources to match this ambition.

Capturum Software Group

Through its companies, the Capturum Software Group serves a broad spectrum of clients, both in the profit and non-profit sectors. The Capturum Software Group is the main organization behind a number of companies that, at its core, helps its target audience automate processes and provide insight into data through proprietary software systems, custom software solutions, data analytics and dashboarding.

“We are very proud of this partnership, it enables us to continue our international expansion. But above all we believe that GRASP’s technology can make the difference in the aviation industry and many others.”

Rob Jansma – Commercial Director CSG

“Ever since our first meeting with GRASP we have been convinced about the opportunity, we are happy that we’re now successfully partnering and building a shared future. It is in line with the ambitions of the CSG and we’re looking forward to working together with Robert, Michael and the rest of the GRASP team.”

Johannes Diepeveen – Director CSG

What’s next

Over the past months we have been working together intensely, with initial success already showing. The team is growing, the client list is increasing and the outlook is better than ever. Highlight of the past months is the work we are doing with Aeroporti di Roma, successfully deploying our solution within their innovation program and co-developing an entirely new solution.

We have an unwavering conviction that the solutions we are working on will have a significant impact on our industry, improving not only the way passengers experience an airport but equally important how staff can do their job. With Capturum joining as a partner, we will be able to leverage their vast network and knowledge, allowing us to also move into other markets when the time is right.

We’re thrilled to enter this next growth phase and are looking forward to accelerating the collaboration with our customers.

Robert & Michael


This step wasn’t possible without the flexibility of our initial shareholders and investors, therefore we owe them gratitude. The past 2 years have been a steep learning curve and we’re thankful for the progress we have made in that time.

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