Celebrate 10th Schiphol Airport deployment

Celebrate 10th Schiphol Airport deployment

GRASP celebrates their tenth deployment at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Since 2019 they have worked in close collaboration with the security and innovation departments at Schiphol automating access control processes. The security solution automates repetitive tasks currently performed by security personnel.

Since GRASP was founded in July 2019, they have continuously worked at Schiphol Airport as a subcontractor of Bosch; in this close collaboration they have been able to develop and deploy GRASP’s Intelligent Access Surveillance solution at 10 locations. Realizing significant efficiency gains and OpEx reductions, through the automation of security tasks. 

10th location 

Recently the 10th location was realized at a crucial location on the Schengen-Non-Schengen border in the terminal; to connect these 2 areas for the flow of goods and staff a secured corridor exists.

Automated process

In the new situation, GRASP’s Intelligent Access Surveillance solution in combination with Schiphol’s access control continuously monitors the flow of people, resulting in a more efficient process – the 24/7 guard presence has been automated. 

Automating the surveillance task

Innovating together

Deploying new and innovative technology within security processes at Schiphol is not a task thought of lightly, the quality and working has been scrutinized thoroughly. Initially through a combined innovation project with Schiphol, Bosch and Hyrde.

After successfully implementing the first locations the quality and accuracy have been monitored and frequently tested. For GRASP this has been a tremendous push in product development and quality, we can now confidently say our solution is tried, tested, and deployed in one of the most demanding security environments – Schiphol Airport. 

“Automating security processes at Schiphol is a priority, while at the same time quality and security are topics we cannot compromise on. The solution GRASP offers ticks the boxes on quality, stability, and security; Schiphol considers it proven technology. Having worked closely with Michael and Robert from GRASP over the last 2 years has been a pleasure, they understand the security requirements and the operational challenges an airport has.”

Bjorn Gunderson (Security Process Developer – Schiphol Airport) 

Benefitting from automation 

The current COVID situation pushes the necessity of automating processes. As ACI-Europe describes the need for airports’ ability to transition to hyper-efficient and digitalised operations to successfully build-back-better. 

The deployments of GRASP’s Intelligent Access Surveillance at Schiphol fall in the category of digitalizing processes, with a business case.

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