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      Our smart technologies enable proactive problem-solving for security professionals, ensuring seamless operations based on human presence data.


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Senior/Medior full-stack Developer

At GRASP Innovations we are obsessed with inefficiencies, especially those within aviation security. We love to travel but hate standing in line unnecessarily (standing in line in general actually) and are convinced a combination of smart technologies and data handling products can help solve this.

Our security checkpoint management system is an effective tool to manage daily operations and enables deep performance analyses within airport security checkpoints. It combines granular data gathered through our IR-UWB radars and in-depth knowledge on a complex process into a unique solution. We’re looking for someone to take our application to the next level and to new industries.

It’s an all-round developer position at an early stage startup where you deal mainly with backend aspects of our security checkpoint application that involves moving large amounts of sensor measurements in real-time. But when needed, the frontend team could also use your help!

You’ll have the opportunity to decide and shape the future of our solution. We’re looking for a Senior/Medior developer to join our growing team (8 developers) You will be working with market leading airports, security companies and technology integrators.

We have recently raised funding which enables us to accelerate the development of our solutions to more markets and bring more powerful and effective solutions to the aviation security industry. This also means that in this role you’ll have the freedom and responsibility to help shape our future.

What you’ll do

Develop our end-to-end pipeline that is used to capture data from our fleet of IoT IR-UWB radar devices, stream it to our data warehouse, implement the corresponding ETL processes across our cloud platform (GCP) to prepare the captured data to display in our live applications and post-event analysis environments. You’ll be working within the tech team consisting of frontenders, backenders and a data scientist. Your work consists of:

  • Backend Development: Design, develop, and maintain the server-side logic of our web applications.
  • Database Management: Create and optimize database schemas, queries, and manage data storage.
  • API Development: Build and maintain robust and scalable APIs to facilitate communication between the frontend and backend systems (all our logic is implemented in backend).
  • Integration: Create apps to integrate multiple data sources (including IoT data streams, APIs, external databases).
  • Security Implementation: Implement and adhere to security best practices, including data encryption, authentication, and authorization mechanisms.
  • Backup: Developing additional data backup and recovery strategies based on a contingency plan.
  • Adopting Best Practices: Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in backend development, incorporate new technologies and methodologies.

Our techstack

  • Backend; Python, Django, Postgres, NATS.
  • Frontend: Angular, CSS, RxJS, State Management, TypeScript.
  • Infrastructure: GCP, K8S, Terraform.

You have

  • A bachelor’s degree related to information technology, software engineering or computer science or proven experience to compensate.
  • Experience and skills in writing documentation, testing, following best practices.
  • Nice-to-have: experience with integrations, working with streams of sensor data
  • Experience with cloud core architecture.
  • Experience with real-time IoT data pipelines is a plus.
  • Experience with on-premise deployments is a plus.
  • You have doubts whether this is you? Contact us, let’s see together!

You are

  • An excellent communicator in English (written and oral).
  • Someone who challenges our processes to make them better.
  • Someone who performs better in teams.


  • Opportunity to make an impact in a high-paced environment and accelerate our growth.
  • Competitive salary and potential employee stock option plan.
  • Become part of a diverse and very ambitious team.
  • Unique opportunity to directly impact very innovative solutions and work with cutting-edge radar technology.
  • Hybrid office policy, we have an amazing office in Breukelen but also work from home (we aim for 2-3 days in the office and the rest from home).
  • Frequent team events.
  • Development opportunities to improve skills and expertise.
  • Flexible transportation arrangements (car, public transport).


GRASP Innovations offers solutions to the Aviation security industry; a traditional workforce driven business that requires automation in order to be sustainable in the future. We are convinced that optimizing processes does not have to come at the expense of experience and that tasks that are more suitable for technology, should be executed by technology.

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