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Liberty Defense Ltd. Partnership

Liberty Defense Holdings (“Liberty” or the “Company”) (TSXV: SCAN, OTCQB: LDDFF, FRANKFURT: LD2A), a leading technology provider of detection solutions for concealed weapons and threats, is pleased to announce it has that it has partnered with GRASP Innovations to expand the Company’s presence in Europe.

GRASP will be a distributor of HEXWAVE™ for urban security markets, including critical infrastructure, checkpoints for correctional facilities, borders and customs, military police, as well as stadiums and rail applications. Liberty Defense and GRASP have also agreed to work together to utilize the HEXWAVE and GRASP’s cutting-edge digital technology to develop a touchless, autonomous checkpoint screening solution.

GRASP Innovations

GRASP innovations is an Amsterdam-based solutions provider specialized in optimizing and automating processes in the aviation and security industry. Their goal is to optimize the use of resources and infrastructure in any given situation, enabling professionals to take immediate action, if necessary, to get control and solve problems before they arise. GRASPs solutions include data management and automation solutions for security checkpoints and access control automation, utilizing unique sensor technology. Their experts identify new growth opportunities for smart cities, corporations, airports by using data, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

“The team at GRASP has over 10 years’ experience deploying innovative and state of the art screening technologies for security checkpoints. CEO, Robert Schuur is an ambitious thought leader and driver for innovation. We share Robert’s vision for next generation security applications providing a comprehensive security screening solution using HEXWAVE for effective and efficient detection and ease of use.”

Bill Frain – CEO of Liberty Defense

HEXWAVE technology uses millimeter wave, advanced 3D imaging, and AI to detect concealed metallic and non-metallic weapons such as liquid, plastic, and powder explosives, 3D printed guns, and other prohibited items – without having to divest common items like cell phones or keys.

“I am very excited to be working with the Liberty team as they look to bring their next generation HEXWAVE to the European market. This partnership provides the customer unparalleled access to our experience in the security industry, and with Liberty’s expanded product portfolio and experienced team, together we will be able to provide curb-to-gate screening for the urban security industry.”

Robert Schuur – Co-Founder GRASP Innovations

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On behalf of the Liberty Defense

Bill Frain
CEO & Director 

About Liberty Defense 

Liberty Defense (TSXV: SCANOTCQB: LDDFFFRANKFURT: LD2A) provides multi-technology security solutions for concealed weapons detection in high volume foot traffic areas and locations requiring enhanced security such as airports, stadiums, schools, and more. Liberty’s HEXWAVE product, for which the company has secured an exclusive license from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as well as a technology transfer agreement for patents related to active 3D radar imaging technology, provides discrete, modular, and scalable protection to provide layered, stand-off detection capability of metallic and non-metallic weapons. 

Liberty has also recently licensed the millimeter wave-based, High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HD-AIT) body scanner and shoe scanner technologies as part of its technology portfolio. Liberty is committed to protecting communities and preserving peace of mind through superior security detection solutions. Learn more: LibertyDefense.com

For further information about Liberty, please contact
Jay Adelaar
Senior Vice President of Capital Markets, Liberty Defense
T: 604-809-2500

For sales information, please contact:
Ian McNaughton
Senior Director Business Development, Liberty Defense
T: 613-292-3669


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