Securitas Zagreb deployment

Securitas Zagreb deployment

GRASP Innovations will deploy their Security Checkpoint Management Solution at Zagreb Airport in cooperation with long lasting partner Securitas Transport and Aviation Services.

This deployment comes at a time where staff shortages hinder the smooth re-opening of the aviation industry and shows the belief Securitas has in the product and the ability to help solve these challenges.

GRASP was founded in 2019 with the goal to develop tools that help security professionals make optimal use of available resources and infrastructure in ever-changing circumstances. In the past years, GRASP and Securitas have proven to be close partners, withering the COVID pandemic together and brainstorming on what the way forward would be. The conclusion was: technology and innovation combined and intertwined with a skilled workforce.

 After a successful trial, the next step in this partnership is to deploy GRASP’s Security Checkpoint Management Solution at Zagreb Airport and showcase the combination of the services Securitas provides with GRASP’s solution.

“I’m proud that the relationship we have with Securitas, built on trust and a joint vision, now also translates into our first joint deployment. This deployment means we will equip the three Automated Tray Return lanes with our sensors and provide Securitas with our data management solution. We are looking forward to successfully deploy our solution and to the next opportunity together.”

Robert Schuur (GRASP)

Automated Tray Return System at Zagreb Airport

“Ever since we renewed the entire checkpoint at Zagreb Airport with three Automated Tray Return lanes and remote screening in 2018, we never ceased to invest in further improving our operation and efficiency. One of the initiatives we took, was to invest together with our partner GRASP, in a trial of the Security Checkpoint Management System which we refer to as OptiFlow. Although the benefits of equipping one lane with the system immediately showed, especially in a price per passenger model, the Covid crisis halted our progress. Now that passenger numbers are on the rise again, we feel the time is right to expand the system to the entire checkpoint. The system will allow us to optimize our operation and ensure that we use our resources in the most efficient way. Thanks to our partnership with Zagreb Airport, we have the liberty to not only install and use the system but to further develop it and come closer to the end-goal of data-driven operations.”

Marcia Awouters & Jan Cuypers (Aviation Solution Managers Securitas Transport and Aviation Services)

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